Zur Designerin: Ich lebe seit über 25 Jahre in Portugal und bin sehr glücklich in diesem Land leben zu können. Tierschutz und Nachhaltigkeit spielen eine wichtige Rolle für mich und ich hatte die Idee all dies in meine Schmuckproduktion zu integrieren. Mein Schmuck fertige ich aus nachhaltigen Korkbändern und kombiniere diese mit anderen hochwertigen Materialien. Während mein Geschäft sich ausweitet, bleibt das Herz des Design Prozesses in Portugal, wo ich meine ganze Kollektion entwerfe. Jedes Stück ist von mir nach Maß gefertigt und somit einzigartig.


I have lived in Portugal for over 25 years and I am very happy to be able to live in this country.

I love the Portuguese culture, the beautiful landscape and nature.

The beautiful nature, which also includes the Portuguese cork trees, inspired me to enrich my design ideas with natural cork ribbons.

I thought this was the perfect alternative to animal leather.

Animal welfare and sustainability play an important role for me and I had the idea to integrate all of this into my jewellery production.

I make my jewellery from sustainable cork ribbons and combine them with other high-quality materials. I also attach great importance to the fact that all materials are made in Europe, are extremely comfortable to wear and are skin-friendly.

As my business expands, the heart of the design process remains in Portugal, where I create my entire collection. Each piece is made to measure by me and therefore unique.



Imagine lying on a beautiful beach watching the sea with a wide open blue sky. The sand, wind and salt on your skin give you a strong feeling of freedom and peace.

The idea of my jewelry is to express exactly this special atmosphere. I have been living in the Algarve in Portugal for more than 25 years and I want to convey exactly this energy and this positive feeling with my natural handcrafted cork jewelry, which I built up in 2015 as "HD Fashion Jewellery".

Combining sustainable and vegan materials and giving them a natural and elegant design is my intention and since then I've been on an exciting journey to combine natural and human design.

Today I take part in various vegan and sustainable trade fairs such as the “Green World Tour” or “Veggie World” as well as in many handicraft markets in Germany. My jewelry is sold in various shops in Portugal, Germany and Switzerland and I am very happy to see other people on my trip.

I am happy and proud of what my label stands for, and look forward to constantly creating new visions and dreams to give you the feeling of freedom when you wear my jewellery.


Wo man mich findet: Hier gibt es Informationen zu aktuellen Veranstaltungen, Messen und Aktionen.

Due to the current situation caused by the corona virus, planned trade fairs and events are canceled for the time being.

At a later point in time, appropriate dates will be given here, when and where you can meet me. 

Wo man mich findet: Hier gibt es Informationen zu aktuellen Veranstaltungen, Messen und Aktionen.